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"You may not be the first to do what you do. But that shouldn't prevent you from doing it better than everyone else!"

We'll only partner with clients 'frantic' to rise above the mundane masses. We use dazzling words and expertly crafted funnels to help our clients rise above. It's your message that sells. Not your products or services. It's how that message is delivered is the magic ingredient. To be successful, you have to get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience which gets them EXCITED to want to do business with you.

"This is exactly what we're experts in doing!"

Greg Corso

Chief Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing Expert

"As a serial entrepreneur, I've successfully built companies to have tens of thousands of customers and was responsible for 8 figures in revenue and successfully exited several businesses in my career.

What makes me unique as a Growth Strategist is that I'm trained, certified and have hands on experience to guide businesses in their corporate growth profitably.

I coach entrepreneurs to grow the Value and Profitably of their business, adding millions in revenue, working less doing it while using proven strategies. I'm available to coach the right business owners, with the right companies, if my schedule allows.

Now, thanks to my Done-For-You Marketing Funnels, business owners just like you, can benefit from the same strategies multi-million dollar companies have access to and have benefited from. I know if you work with us, you should at least double, if not triple your ROI!"

CEO of, an unapologetic, take-no-prisoners philosophy to unleashing your inner superhero’s voice on the world through content creation and message mastery.

Starting out in this entrepreneurial world as a struggling single mother and getting squished under the steel-toe boot of every naysayer’s unsolicited remarks in my life who said I’d never be able to use my God-given talents to sustain a comfortable living was only half of the reason why I’m successful at what I do.

The other half is due to a deeply held belief that if I can help other business owners get clarity on who they are as it relates to their business, what message they want to share with the world, and where to find their dream clients just by being exactly who they are, then I will have left a legacy of purpose and meaning that ripples throughout other people’s lives forever.

That’s my “why.” Here’s how I do it:

I create original, specifically customized content based on thorough target audience research for you. This research allows me to create a personality profile of your dream clients and use it to help you earn their business.

From there, the content I create for you metaphorically sits down beside their pain, grabs and holds their hand, and emotionally persuades them to use your solutions.

And those solutions are your products and services.

So, what's your "why?"

What legacy do you want to leave in the world and when do you want to get started?

AJ Craft

Chief Content Warrior

Marine Corp veteran.

Martial artist.

Amazon bestselling author.

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Here's What People Who Have Worked With Us Say...

“Greg is a jack-of-all trades. No matter what industry you're in, he knows how to dive in with both feet, figure out your business true value as well as what changes need to be made over the long haul to build more vlaue. He's savvy in marketing, advertising, sales, operations and more.

He has also built an endless network of talent to pull from to help you grow and never hesitates to introduce and connect each contact together. He gives so much more than he takes which is a rare trait in today's business world. I'm honored to have him in my network.”

Jeni Harrington
Founder -

Pamela Dale
Marketing Strategist - Clarity Coach at Rize Online Biz

“A.J. Craft… Finding someone online like A.J is a gift.

Here’s why:It is not 1991 hell, it isn’t even 2016… it is the second half of 2017…

But there are a lot of women online still selling “copywriting” like it is 2000. Here’s the thing: the Internet has changed, people have changed, they way we buy and sell online has changed. So, the way we communicate online needs to also change. However, very few are making the changes or are even aware that things have changed and an even fewer percentage are demonstrating it online.

A.J. Craft is one of the few that are doing “it” right.

It is in her ability to be “open”, “real” and “authentic” in her journey towards being the person she wants and needs to be to achieve the level of success she wants for herself and her family that sets her apart.

She writes about herself, she demonstrates her journey and I, as a business owner, need to do the same. We need to not only see it demonstrated (copy) but we need to learn how to do it ourselves. This is, I believe, why A.J. is so powerful. Absolutely, she can write! Absolutely, she can persuade but it is in her willingness to share her journey through words that empowers us all to do the same. This is priceless.

We are all searching for the real deal. A.J. is the real deal.”

“So, I spent a lot of time reviewing this marketing funnel...and it was amazing!!!! I totally didn't realize how much is there, so it's amazing - that's all I can say.

It is definitely NOT just about selling, it’s about building the value of the business (your business) now. This means making more money than you planned to, and making it faster. I highly recommend this program to anyone in business who wants to make sure that when they go to sell their business, should that day come, that you get the most possible.

This program takes you through step by step, all the areas to focus on for maximum sales, and better returns on your investment now. Every module has a huge amount of value and content included, I found it to be easy to follow and easy to implement. It doesn’t get much better than that in today’s training landscape.

If you can get the opportunity to work with Greg, I highly recommend it. Your business and bank account will thank you!"

Kate Luella
Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandria Sneath

This morning I wanted to sop by as I celebrate the fact that I met ALL of my goals yesterday!

I've been working with AJ, following her posts and utilizing her tools to stand out from the rest! In the last week I've had incredible feedback from others on my posts, I've gained significantly more interest from both product customers and potential consultants and I finally hit my BIG daily target!

With her help and push to be genuine and say how it is I have been able to relate to more people and capture eyes instead of being the one people just scroll by!

Thank you AJ for all your continued advice, courses and being straight UP! It's just the beginning of my business changing and moving forward in the direction I wanted. I had all the tools I needed but I didn't have the copy mindset - now I'm grasping it, finding my voice and ma ready to dominate!


"Greg is an outstanding business coach!! His ideas to improve on your business is limitless and the results your business will acquire after working with Greg are phenomenal!!

So many business owners are held captive by their businesses and they don't even realize it.

It's amazing to know that having a business coach will improve the efficiency of how your business is run to it's optimal level, bring in more revenue and give the business owner more time away from their business so they can enjoy their personal lives."

Melissa Sanniota
Fidelity Funding Mortgage, Florida
Kirby Burnett

I'm passionate about helping business owners understand business valuation concepts and then execute projects which build business value. It’s the best way to help them attain the type of exceedingly successful businesses they really want.

Greg's 'Leverage Marketing Lead Generation Funnel' is a new and I wish I had developed myself. It is very efficient and cost effective design.

I highly recommend Greg Corso! His personality, experience and insights are unmatched."

I just wanted to say than you SO much to AJ Craft for the help you gave me on an email.

I wanted to send out a cold email to potential clients but wasn't really satisfied with what I had - basically it conveyed the info but it was BORING!

AJ spun it on it's head and now I feel like I might not live up to the greatness in this email. I'm positive it'll get me in the door to talk to them! Thank you!

Lisamarie Johnston
Owner/CEO - Diverse Office Solutions
Sherry Curtale
GM Premier Fabricators, Florida

"I’m the General Manager of an 8 figure large scale fabricating company in Florida. I want to pay a compliment to the business coach and strategist Greg Corso. The benefit of Greg’s business knowledge and coaching abilities have been priceless to me and to my company. I’m typically skeptical at first with new services. However, during my initial encounter with Greg in going over the assessment…it was an “eye opening” experience. My company has always been profitable and is managed efficiently and effectively…well at least that is what I thought before hiring Greg. First of all, Greg is unlike most business coaches. I’ve tried a few other times to get a business coach to help make our business better. One thing I’ve always believed is…as good as we think our business is operating and profitable - it could always be better. The coaching services I tried in the past never did anything impactful enough to be different for my business…everything stayed the same.

Last year, I was invited to a webinar about building a valuable business. That’s when I was introduced to Greg’s services. Something about him I liked and trusted. I figured I’d give coaching another try because I felt the information on his webinar was unlike any other I heard of or dealt with in the past.

From then till present day…my business has tripled in revenue. The performance of the day to day operations and management of my company are more efficient, productive and profitable. I’m thrilled with the outstanding benefits my company has received and we feel so fortunate to have learned and benefited from the business strategies Greg coaches - that I am speechless!! I thought I’d never say this - but contrary to what I’ve always believed in - I have been proven wrong. My company is running so much more efficiently and profitably since working with Greg and implementing his strategies. I’m not sure it can get any better. Greg is outstanding at what he does and any business - big or small - would benefit from his expertise.

We’ve all benefited and enjoyed our relationship with Greg so far and are looking forward to continuing a long and prosperous relationship with him well into the future. I would recommend to any business owner looking to ensure they’re building value and profitability in their company to look into hiring Greg or utilizing his services. You’ll be glad you did."

Matt J. Krische
L&M Cleaners, Florida

“Greg is unique in how he can see a problem and is able to cut through the minutia to get to the best solution.

He always speaks with candor and you can tell he only does it with the best intentions and really cares abour your well-being and your business growth and progress.

It's always been a pleasure dealing with him. I'd recommend his services to anyone!"

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